Cake Tips Home is soon to be your one stop “Caker” website for the best cake tips, news, reviews, and interviews!  To start, I’m sharing my cake journey, beginning with my son’s birthday cakes!  You can see how it all started with “How it all began… a ducky tale of shortcuts!” Or you can see some of my favourite cakes and some step by step photos, with the posts “If at first you don’t succeed… try again next birthday! My Thomas the Tank Engine cake story” and “Pokemon Charmander for Aiden’s 10th birthday”

As I build this site, I’ll add my own tutorials, and I’ll showcase other cakers, interviewing them on their favourite tips and tricks.  I’ll also be reviewing some cake tools, and how they impress or disappoint.  And I’d love to hear from other cakers out there too!  We are creating edible art, and I love it!


Still not quite proficient, I tried my hand at making my own Wedding cake many years ago. It wasn’t perfect, but I loved it! And Stencils were the key to keeping it simple yet beautiful!

Happy Caking!  >^,,^<

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