Poke-ball cake… a Poke-cake! Birthday #8


Birthday number 8 was all about Pokemon!

Pokemon Pokeball Cake

I was planning on mounting my pokeball cake (aka ‘pokecake’) on a 6″ round.  But that was way too small and just looked silly!  So, I did what the best cakers do, and improvised!  I cut one of the rounds in half and created a cake “background” and mounted the candles on there!  Wasn’t what I had originally planned, but, it worked!  I covered them with buttercream using the star tip.  I used the Wilton Sports Ball Cake Pan Set for the pokeball cake.  I found that the weight of the fondant made the cake ‘sink’.  That is, the bottom was not perfectly round and got a bit compressed.  I have since learned that if I want a perfect sphere covered in fondant, I need to use rice crispy treats as the bottom half.  If I want a perfect sphere that is all cake, I need to cover it in buttercream or use a preformed melted chocolate shell, as I did in my spaghetti and meatballs cake!

For the fondant, I used Satin Ice, my favourite, that I purchased from Bulk Barn.  Now, Bulk Barn sells Virgin Ice, which I like also, but Satin Ice is still available for purchase online! Also, I use Americolor for the red and black colouring.  If you’ve ever tried to colour fondant with the little pots of food colouring, you know you burn through that pot pretty quickly, and I always feel I’m seeing pink!  But Americolor was a discovery at a professional cake decorating store, and I have never looked back!

I wanted to add some texture to the cake board, and so I took some rolled fondant and then rolled it onto a textured embossing rolling mat, the star one from Wilton is what I used for this cake.  (It was a Christmas gift from my mom!)

I used the royal icing flooding technique, (I will be posting a tutorial soon!), for the Pikachu and the lettering.  I found the Pokemon font online (comment if you need to know how to download and install a font!).  It didn’t look like the Pokemon font when I spread out the letters, but it still turned out well!

I used the image below to create my royal icing Pokemons.


I also made some sweet loot bags with some great economical goodies!  I always find that the loot bag goodies that you can buy are so expensive! Or, just throw aways.  So I like to make my own when I can!  For the bag itself I used just plain red paper bags from Michaels (not the more expensive ones with handles, the cheaper ones).  I put some white card stock on and cut and glued on the detail.

Three of the goodies in the bag were made by me!  First, I made Pokeball Cookies!  Pokecookies!  I found the perfect sized ziplock baggies from the dollar store Dollarama, (4″ by 4″ I think, or close to that).  And the cookies fit in perfectly!  One for each loot bag!  They were sugar cookies with royal icing flood work!  (I do like using royal icing flood work!)

Pokeball cookies


I also purchased candy covered chocolate balls from the party store in yellow and orange.  They were for wedding favours, but sold in a bulk bag.  Yellow and Orange were actually cheaper than the rest!  I guess not many people have yellow or orange weddings!  I put some into those same mini ziplock bags from the dollar store, and put a Raichu tag on them!

Raichu Energy Pellet Goodies

I’ve included the tag below for you to download and print if you want to do something similar!


I printed 6 to a page, and they fit just right folded in half over the bags!

Then, using last year’s template, I printed Pokemon cootie catchers!  Here’s the birthday boy showcasing them all folded before he put one each into the loot bags…

Pokemon Cootie Catchers

And here’s the pic for you to save and print yourself!  Right click on the image below, and select “open image in a new tab”.  Then right click and save!  You’ll have to cut it to a square before folding.  Do you need a reminder on how to fold a cootie catcher?  Comment if you do!

Pokemon Cootie Catcher

And here’s the cake in action!  I got that sweet Eight Sparkler from the party store!  It was pretty cool!

Cake with candles


What a great party!  I hope my ideas have helped your creative juices!

If you’re looking for other pokemon party ideas, check out my favorite cake ever, my Charmander Birthday Cake Post!  Happy Caking! >^,,^<

Pokemon Charmander cake with Step by Step Photos

Pokemon Charmander cake with Step by Step Photos

And the splash pic to help people find me…

Pokemon Party Printables


  1. Donna Sommers says:

    I love your Cootie Catcher. Can you tell me how to fold it please? My grandson’s 9th birthday is Pokemon and I think the kids will love this surprise in their party bag! Thanks so much!

    • nomij says:

      Hi Donna! Thanks for your comment! I’m excited someone else can use the cootie catcher! Here’s a video from youtube I found on how to fold them:

      For the pre-printed pokemon cootie catcher, make sure to it is a square to start, and start with the printed side down. Let me know if you have any questions!
      Nomi >^,,^<

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