Dare I share my cake fail on my blog? Aiden’s 9th birthday, a Minecraft Cake.


Ah, the Minecraft cake.  It didn’t really turn out as I imagined it would.  I’m grateful my friend took pictures at the party, as I didn’t have a chance to take any final pictures of it when I finished because it took so long!  I’m pleased with my Royal Icing flooded words, and my Royal Icing Steve holding a cake.  And I got the colours right.  But… then it just gets wonky!  Part of me wants to try again.  And part of me thinks “are you *crazy*?  That took FOREVER!”  But, my son loved it.  And really, it was created for him, so by those standards, it was a success!

Minecraft cake

It was success for the party.  But… was it web worthy?  I see a lot of awesome cakes online.  But this blog is about my cake journey, and how to not be dissuaded when mistakes happen, and to be encouraged to continue to practice and learn.  And so I’ll proudly show my learning curve!  My Royal Icing Flooding technique is improving!  Check out the Steve on the side!  (Sorry for the blurry picture!)

Blurry Minecraft Cake

I did two Steves.  And THAT took forever too!  Each Steve had two different browns, three different skin tones, five different blues, three different greys, and the red and the white.  PHEW!  Always do two though.  Even if it’s a lot… do two!  Because they are so delicate when you take them off the parchment, and if one breaks, you always have a back up!

I was quite proud of making Steve hold a cake!  Here’s the picture I used to base the royal icing on…

steve holding cake

And I used an online generator to create the Happy Birthday Aiden to copy with royal icing.

Happy Birthday Minecraft

I coloured my favourite fondant, Satin Ice, three different browns, three different greens, and a grey.  I measured how big I wanted my cake to be, and divided it by 8, and that was the dimensions of the squares I would cut out, as the pattern I came up with was 8 x 8.  I used the patterns below to put the squares on my cake.


Minecraft block pattern side


Minecraft Block Pattern Top

I put a lot of work into this birthday!  For the food, we actually had a “build your own Minecraft Scape” with cubes of grey rice crispy squares (rock), blue jello jiggler cubes (water), red jello jiggler cubes (lava), and brownie cubes with green buttercream icing on top (ground/grass blocks).  I was cutting it close on time with how long things were taking me, so I conscripted my 9 year old to pipe the grass on the blocks before the guests arrived!  The “build your own edible Minecraft Scape” was a HUGE hit with the kids!  We did it at the end of the party, so they took it home to eat and share with their family.  It was such a busy party, with so much going on, that I have very few action pics.  You can imagine a 9 year old boy’s birthday party is quite a loud/busy/crazy time!  But after the guests left, I took a few pics of Aiden’s created scene for posterity!  The square green paper plates from the party store were the best choice!

Edible Minecraft Scene


So, despite having to make two types of jello jigglers, grey rice crispie squares, and cutting up brownies, I still had a few other DIY projects I did for the party.

I’m a huge fan of making my own loot bag goodies.  Loot bag goodies are quite expensive for what they are, little toys that will likely be lost or tossed.  First, I made the bags themselves.  The bags were the economical coloured paper bags from Michaels in green.  Not the ones with handles, the ones that are cheaper than that!  I created a creeper face stencil from cardstock, and conscripted my 9 year old son to colour in the creeper face on all the bags to with a black permanent marker.

One of the loot bag goodies I made were rice crispy creepers.  I made green rice crispy squares (rectangles), and used black royal icing to put on a creeper face!  I wrapped each one in saran wrap.

Three of the goodies in the bag were just 4″ x 4″ ziplocks (from the craft section of Dollarama) with snacks inside and minecraft related labels.  I had some pretzel sticks and labelled them “Sticks”.  I cut up some twizzlers and labelled them “TNT”.  And I had wanted to get some gold wrapped chocolates for the baggie labelled “Gold” but couldn’t find them.  So I went with gold wrapped butterscotch candies.  But I still think the gold wrapped chocolates would have been better.

Minecraft Loot Bag

Here are the printables I used for the tags. (right click and save image to your hard drive).  I printed them 6 to a page I think.






This cake was a lot of work!  And then it turned out WONKY!  But, my son really loved it, and so did the kids!  For added fun, I purchased coloured flame candles from the party store!  They were pretty neat!

Minecraft cake with candles

Overall, a successful birthday party!  My favourite is when they blow out the candles!

Aiden blowing out candles


Notice the foods all square!  There was a bit of a theme!

I hope I’ve inspired some Minecraft Creativity out there!  Happy Caking!